Message from the Head of Administration of Wolfgang eSports

When I joined Wolfgang eSports in 2013, there were about 50 members. Over the year we were able to increase that number with so many commitments and hard work. We planned carefully and now we have achieved a lot that we are now International and the first Sri Lankan eSports organization to become as such vast operation. We specialize in competition of the highest Level of competitiveness in e-Sports. Our community has been running since 2012 for 8 years to date and during that time we have managed to win many victories in most competitive tournaments in Sri Lanka. It was an amazing achievement for us to become the top of the list of gaming communities in Sri Lanka which exceeds more than1000 communities in less than 5 years. Our goal is to promote eSports in Sri Lanka along with it to have winning titles on upcoming competitive events in the vast community. And ultimately, we plan to contribute to the global eSports with the continuity of the strong management we have. Thank you for your interest in Wolfgang eSports and would look forward to working with you as trusted dedicated partner. May prosperity follow you and Wolfgang eSports! Yours sincerely,

Head of Administration & Director
Wolfgang eSports

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