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Wolfgang e-Sports is not just a typical gaming organisation, we're a family started from 4 members and now having a member count of more than 1000s of members differing from all ages. We are a community that play games and have a strong bond in real life and even on the battlefield. Making sure we check each other’s backs and go against strongest opponents in the country making sure they get the message that we're a clan but also a Pack of Wolves who are hunting for our daily preys. In order to achieve our goals in e-Sports, we welcome you and offer you the opportunity to help sustain our mission of spreading the e-Sports around Sri Lanka and Asia, which is a vast rapidly increasing trend in the world, especially in Europe. We believe that being a sponsor you will create a special and lasting relationship with e-Sports and events. As our sponsor, you will receive multiple benefits in the forms of logos and verbal mentions. We have various branding opportunities available for you and to suit your personal or business needs. Further details are attached for your perusal. We look forward to hear positively from you for further collaboration. Thank You.

Yours sincerely,
Founder & Director
Wolfgang eSports

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